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The AS3 Language Reference at the tip of your fingers Action Script Frequently Asked Questions [part 1]
There is no question or dispute about it, if you want to be a good ActionScript developer, you need to learn how to use the ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference.

Sometimes the Language Reference isn't always easy to get to. Learn how to add the entire reference to your FireFox Bookmarks Toolbar.
On the Kirupa Forums, you tend to see the same questions appear again, and again, and again...

Here is part one of a list of frequently asked questions, and posts on the Kirupa Forums where they have been answered.
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DebugText - on-screen, lightweight, trace replacement Digital Volume Knob component
Because trace is not always available (like when preloading external SWFs), and the process of creating new textFields all the time is a bit of a hassle, this simple, easy to use class was developed.

The DebugText class will create a small textField on the screen that displays whatever you "trace" out, and instead of several lines, one line is enough. It's just a quick little thing I made in a few minutes, and I definitely plan on expanding on it in the future.

UPDATED: Now with documentation and a few minor fixes.
Pass in a DisplayObject as the "knob", and when the user holds down the mouse and drags around, the volume will increase when rotated to the right, and decrease when rotated to the left.

It is "continuous", like those digital volume knobs, where you can turn without limit left and right, and even if volume is all the way down to 0, you can still keep turning left etc.
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