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Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's AS3 got that FlashLite doesn't?

I thought I was going to have to dig around for a while, perhaps comparing the language reference class for class until I found this, but it turns out Adobe already had the differences listed. (whew!)

Taken from:

Unsupported Classes

  • Accessibility
  • Camera
  • ContextMenu
  • ContextMenuItem
  • CustomActions
  • LocalConnection
  • Locale (mx.lang.Locale)
  • Microphone
  • NetConnection (Available in FlashLite 3.0, but not FlashLite 2)
  • NetStream (Available in FlashLite 3.0, but not FlashLite 2)
  • PrintJob
  • TextField.StyleSheet
  • TextSnapshot

Unsupported Methods (Functions)
  • Mouse.hide,
  • MovieClip.attachAudio
  • MovieClip.getTextSnapshot
  • Selection.getBeginIndex, Selection.getCaretIndex, Selection.getEndIndex
  • System.setClipboard
  • System.showSettings
  • TextField.getFontList
  • Video.attachVideo (Available in FlashLite 3.0, but not FlashLite 2)
  • Video.clear

Unsupported Properties
  • Button.blendMode, Button.cacheAsBitmap, Button.filters,, Button.useHandCursor
  • System.capabilities.language, System.capabilities.manufacturer, System.capabilities.pixelAspectRatio, System.capabilities.playerType, System.capabilities.screenColor, System.capabilities.screenDPI, System.capabilities.serverString
  • Key.isToggled
  • MovieClip.useHandCursor
  • Stage.showMenu
  • System.exactSettings
  •, TextField.mouseWheelEnabled, TextField.restrict
  • Video._alpha, Video.deblocking, Video._height, Video.height, Video._name, Video._parent, Video._rotation, Video.smoothing, Video._visible, Video._width, Video.width, Video._x, Video._xmouse, Video._xscale, Video._y, Video._ymouse, Video._yscale

Unsupported Global Functions

  • asfunction
  • MMExecute
  • print, printAsBitmap, printAsBitmapNum, printNum,
  • updateAfterEvent

Unsupported Event Handlers
  • onUpdate
  • Mouse.onMouseWheel

Unsupported fscommands
  • allowscale
  • exec
  • fullscreen (I wonder if that means that FlashLite apps are unable to go fullscreen, or if you are just not able to set it to fullscreen via fscommand)
  • quit
  • showmenu
  • trapallkeys

Luckily, most of them are quite logical exclusions such as classes related to right clicking, using the cliboard, and accessing usb components such as the camera, microphone, or printer. The other methods and properties I rarely use anyway, so I could possible mark many as my custom classes as "FlashLite Safe". :)

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