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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fixing Vector Support in FlashDevelop

More and more of my projects are becoming entirely FlashDevelop based, as 98% of the time, I don't need to see the stage. If I do, I code everything in FlashDevelop, and debug it with Flash.

Sadly, I ran into a snag when FlashDevelop didn't want to recognize the Vector class, at least not with code completion. The solution was actually quite simple.

Make sure you have the intrinsic AS file
Browse to the directory where you have FlashDevelop stored (in my case "C:\Program Files\FlashDevelop\".

Continue browsing through to "\Library\AS3\intrinsic\FP10\".
If you have the same setup as me (the default install path) the folder should now read:
C:\Program Files\FlashDevelop\Library\AS3\intrinsic\FP10\

If that folder contains, you are good to go on to the next step, otherwise, you either need to update to the newest FlashDevelop, and/or the newest stable release of the Adobe Flex SDK (big file)

Make sure your projects are being treated as Flash 10 and not Flash 9
Finally, (and this was the part that wasn't working for me) on the menu bar, choose Tools > Settings, or press F10.

When the dialog appears, go to "AS3Context", and make sure the "Default Flash Version" is set to 10, instead of the default 9.

While you are in there, take the time to make sure other settings are set to your preference, such as class paths and the SDK location.

If it's still not working for someone, post a comment, and I'll try to debug it.


  1. Thanks A Lot, Seriously.... Finally... I can progress better ;) Thanks a lot... :)

  2. Thanks for this post. It helped me finding the problem. In my case there was a slightly different thing to do though:
    I had to change the output properties of my (already existing) project:
    - right click on the project, choose properties
    - a window opens, select the "Output" tab
    - set the Flash-Player version to something above 10.0