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Friday, June 3, 2011

[Experiment] Drop Painter

This post can be found on the new blog at Experiment: Drop Painter
No, it's not painting with drops (though, that seems like a great idea for another project). Instead this experiment drops pieces of a painting down from above which eventually form to assemble a complete picture.


The code is written in AS3 and uses Box2D for the physics and MinimalComps for the components.

At first I wrote the code up as a prototype just to test a concept (and rather than rewrite the code cleanly, I just kept adding onto it so it became one tightly-coupled mess).

Later I entered it into a contest held on the Kirupa Forums, and modified it slightly to fit the contest theme.

The source is available on GitHub in case anyone is curious how it was achieved (and yes, I did cheat. It's not actually dynamic. The movement of all those shapes are "pre-baked" during the "Loading" screen and simply played back afterwards, which is why it is able to take up so little CPU on playback.

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