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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

[Solution] Adobe TV crashes FireFox on Linux Ubuntu 9.10

I have no idea why, but whenever I would access AdobeTV, as soon as the video started loading, FireFox would freeze up and need a restart. Every single time.

This would happen on a completely clean LiveCD system as well as the full installation with the following specs:
Ubuntu Linux 9.10
FireFox 3.5.8 with no extra add-ons installed
Flash Player

Instead of debugging and finding the source of the error, I took the easy way out and installed Flash Player 10.1 (currently in Beta I believe?)

Perhaps the new Flash Player version will also fix some other issues I have had:
  • Playing sound stops working completely, and needs a browser restart in order to work again  [Yep. Fixed!]
  • SWF projects using computeSpectrum will not work (the sound plays, but it doesn't do anything on the stage)  [Hm... Still seems to not work...]
  • In the standalone Debug version of the player, even if you hit "Dismiss All", some errors will show up again, and no matter how fast you dismiss the errors, the dialog will keep popping up, forcing you to kill FlashPlayer manually  [No problems so far] 
  • Constant "flickering" between layers when playing games or apps with several layers  [Problem persists even in FP10.1]

I could file a bug report for these old problems, but considering how much Adobe ignores Linux users, I doubt they would go back and update Flash Player 10.0 for these fixes. Instead, I'll file bug reports only if I receive problems in the new version.

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