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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Game a Week #1 - Temperature

Sammo over on the Kirupa Forums has started a new "game" (I'm really not sure what to call it) on creating games.

I'll just quote him...
Welcome to the first A Game a Week, this is an experiment inspired by 2D Boy's Experimental Gameplay Project. The idea is simple, you have one week to make a Flash game, from concept to production. You are not required to enter, it is not a contest, it is just for fun and for practice. Most importantly though; it is not a contest.

The rules are very few and very simple. The rules are:
  • You must include the FLA (or AS or even FXG if you're feeling fly) file.

  • That is all.

    This week's theme is Temperature, and the deadline is May 18, 2010.

    For more details, visit the official Kirupa thread:

    If I have enough time among all my work, I will try to get a submission in, but I tend to procrastinate, so any work will likely be done on the 17th. ;)

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