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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Humble Indie Bundle closed [Plus free Portal!]

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Sadly, the Humble Indie Bundle didn't last forever, and eventually (or rather abruptly) came to a close. I wish I had found out about it sooner, and I would have been able to tell more people about it.

For those of you who missed the deal, World of Goo can be bought as usual from several places, including Steam and WiiWare for $20. For more information, see the 2D Boy site.

I'm not sure about the rest of the games. Since some of the games have gone open source, will they be released for free? We'll see.

For the rest of you, enjoy the open sources! Hopefully those games will grow into a lot more now that they are open to the public.

A total of 138,784 people bought the games, for a total of $1,273,355, sending $392,860 to Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play Charity.

Myself, I spent the full $14.02 I had on my PayPal account, but since my little brother didn't have a credit card, I bought another copy as a gift for him (as well as an extra gift copy just in case it comes in handy), so I apologize for technically bringing down the average. ;)

Also, call me evil, but I chose to donate everything to the developers, feeling sorry for this guy -

In related news, Valve has released the Portal on Steam for free which will work up until May 24th.
This deal is now closed as well. Hope you enjoyed it.

That is plenty of time to finish the game for those of you who don't replay a game after finishing it. But for those of you who like playing a game again and again, you can now test if it is worth it. I can't seem to find the price for it if you buy the full version after the test period, but if I remember correctly it's either $10 or $20 for the "standalone" version, but it is also included in The Orange Box for $30.

There is no excuse now not to give it a try. Portal has won over 70 Game of the Year awards, and is definitely my favorite game of all time (so far, at least).

Download it here (For Windows AND now also MAC!):

Though, I still wish Portal existed on the Wii. I have grown quite fond of the Metroid Prime 3 playing and aiming style.

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